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10 Eerie Details About Sawney Bean

Horror stories thrill just about everyone. From monsters to demons and from serial killers to stalkers, nothing gets the blood curdling like a good scary story. But one aspect of horror that churns the stomachs of most people is cannibalism. The thought of eating another human drives fear into nearlyRead More

10 Mythological Creatures That Really Existed (Sort Of)

The ancient Greeks had a thirst for mythological monsters. This obsession spread throughout the world and continues to the present day. However, many of the creatures were inspired not by the imagination but by science and nature. It has been discovered that the sites of the ancient myths were oftenRead More

10 Shocking Facts Of The World’s Most Dangerous Cult

Many people do not believe in cults. Despite the fact that very real cults have existed throughout history, many ordinary folks like to cast them aside as just a “conspiracy theory.” The problem is that, in many cases, such thinking is akin to an ostrich voluntarily dunking its head inRead More

Top 10 Times The US Government Took Inanimate Objects To Court

We’ve heard about governments taking people to court. But what about the government taking nonliving things to court? As it turns out, the United States has done just that—and more than a few times. It is hilarious and sounds weird, since, obviously, nonliving things cannot commit crimes or run afoulRead More

10 Weird Old Cases Of Bodies Found In Sacks

Sacks containing dead bodies or merely a torso were common finds in the early 20th century. In fact, a quick search through the archives of US and Australian newspapers shows evidence of hundreds of bodies having been found sacked and discarded. Only a few different types of sacks were usedRead More

Top 10 Spookiest Submarines – Listverse

Humans have been sailing for millennia, but submarines as we know them today are a more recent innovation. It takes a brave soul to journey in one of these claustrophobic underwater vessels, surrounded on all sides by the crushing pressure of the sea. We all know about the Yellow Submarine,Read More

10 Interesting Viking Rituals – Listverse

The Vikings are well-known for fighting and exploring, yet religion and ritual practices were a big part of their culture and everyday life. Their religious beliefs included many different gods and goddesses, so much so that it is considered a “non-doctrinal community religion.” This means that their beliefs and ritualsRead More

10 Creepiest Events That Happened At The Cecil Hotel

In 1927, the Cecil Hotel (currently known as Stay on Main) opened with initially 700 rooms decorated in Art Deco style, intended to attract and entertain businessmen. Located at 640 S. Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles, it wasn’t long before the hotel fell victim to the hard times thatRead More

10 Fascinating Finds From Ordinary Yards

In mid-2018, Chris Martin was having his UK home renovated when he discovered a World War II bunker in his back garden. The two-room concrete bunker found at the Middlesbrough home was large enough to hold up to 50 people. Martin plans to turn the bunker into an office orRead More

10 Dark Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out To Be True

Throughout history, the world—particularly the the United States—has seen its fair share of conspiracy theories come and go. From reptilians disguised as humans to chemtrails, it’s fair to say that most of these theories are entirely absurd. From time to time, though, a conspiracy theory that many thought to beRead More

Top 10 Disastrously Distasteful And Bizarre Food Vendors

From ancient Greece, where small fried fish were peddled, to Aztec marketplaces, where tamales, insects, and stews were a delicacy, ready-to-eat street food sold by vendors has been around for centuries. It’s still a staple of many cities today. Whether you want a hot dog, taco, or something more unique,Read More

10 Strange Facts About The Mysterious Death Of Rasputin

On January 1, 1917, the body of Grigori Rasputin, the advisor to the rulers of Tsarist Russia, was found trapped under the frozen surface of the Neva River. He’d been shot three times and horribly mutilated; his killers, it seemed, had even gouged out his right eye. Everyone was aRead More