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10 Crimes That Weren’t Committed By Humans

Crimes are committed every single day, including murder, theft, and assault. People break into homes and cause countless problems for others. And that’s what we think of when it comes to crimes—people. But as we’re going to learn, humans aren’t the only culprits. Some of the same crimes for whichRead More

Top 10 Animals That Received Death Threats

Too often, we have heard of humans receiving death threats. But what about an animal receiving a death threat? Why would someone even threaten an animal? As we are about to find out, there are different reasons. Some animals just happened to step on the wrong toes. At other times,Read More

Top 10 Fish That Hunt Land Animals

It is not common for fish to hunt land animals because sea and land creatures are rarely adapted to survive in the other’s territory. Even at that, land animals are likelier to go into the water to hunt sea animals. However, it sometimes happens in the reverse, with fish comingRead More

10 Stories Of Animals That Fought Back Against Poachers

In the last 10 years, elephants killed 800 people in the state of Assam, India, alone. Assam is an extreme case, but it’s not the only place where animals are starting to fight back. Over the last few decades, attacks by elephants have been on a steady rise. According toRead More

10 Amazing Animal Organs That Would Give You Superpowers

It’s interesting to imagine ourselves with abilities that far surpass what a human can do. Just visualize yourself lifting 10 times your own weight or being able to see radiation with your own eyes. In a way, that’s not as crazy as it might sound. If it were possible toRead More

10 Animal Rebels Who Didn’t Stay True To Their Species

Deep down, everyone loves a rebel. They do what we only wish we had the courage to do. There are movies made and songs composed to immortalize the human rebels among us. But what about our animal friends? Sure, they usually stick to relatively predictable patterns of behavior within theirRead More

10 Awesome Extinct Animals People Don’t Talk About Nearly Enough

The world was once filled with some absolutely incredible creatures. Thousands of years ago, massive and strange beasts roamed the planet. Most were so huge that they would tower over a man’s head. We hear a lot about the dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago, but the world wasRead More

10 More Incredible Ways Nature Beat Us In Technology

We human beings have managed some amazing accomplishments: skyscrapers, space travel, deep-sea diving, and Dilbert comics, among other things. Yet as clever as we are, we still have much to learn from our fellow earthlings. Plants and animals demonstrate amazing feats of engineering all the time. Biomimicry is the actRead More

10 Amazing Things Seen For The First Time In The Animal World

The animal kingdom is constantly under a microscope, having been gazed upon by thousands of researchers over the centuries. Even so, every year, mind-blowing new fauna appears and old familiars break the rules in dramatic ways. The most wonderful discoveries are often the weirdest—things that burst, bones that glow, andRead More

10 Animals That Have Figured Out Their Own Life Hacks

Although we may not have flying cars or Mars colonies yet, we definitely have some wild technology to help us with everyday stuff. We have phones and transportation and indoor plumbing, all things that would have blown our Founding Fathers’ minds. Like us, our animal buddies have figured out waysRead More

10 Times Scientists Got Animals High To See What Would Happen

Every science experiment is valuable. Every time a scientist gets the chance to test an idea in a controlled setting, we learn something more about the world. Sure, it might be hard to see the value of getting animals high and watching what happens, but these experiments have taught usRead More

10 Species Humanity Saved From Extinction

Humans are good at a lot of things when you think about it. We can build bridges, write books, and read interesting articles on the Internet. Sadly, it seems one of our greatest achievements is the ability to kill off vast quantities of plants and animals. We have pushed wholeRead More