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10 Bizarre Secrets Behind America’s National Treasures

Growing up in the United States, you learn about all the big, quintessentially “American” sites and structures from a very early age. You’re told that they are important and given a vague explanation of why. Then you set about the task of never really thinking about them again. That’s aRead More

10 Unusual Ancient Burials – Listverse

Burying people has been a common way of dealing with the dead across the world and throughout history. However, there is much variety within burials. Social, religious, and cultural norms often decide how individuals are placed, whether they have burial goods, and what they are buried in (e.g., stone tombsRead More

10 Of History’s Most Ambitious Grimoires

Grimoires are books of magic, invocations, and that lot which usually describe ways to summon angels, demons, and other unworldly beings by performing some time-consuming rituals. The summoner can then use these supernatural creatures to pursue their own worldly ends like fortune or love. Of course, for the modern man,Read More