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10 Disturbing Facts Of The Atlas Vampire

Vampires are not real. The idea that the dead can come back to life and sustain themselves on blood is, from a scientific point of view, laughable. However, there are some humans out there who have vampiric qualities, whether their personalities drain others or they prefer the darkness of nightRead More

10 Police Tactics That Can Lead To False Confessions

Police interrogation is designed to extract a confession from a suspect. Officers have several tactics they use to draw out a confession even if the accused is innocent. They can even legally lie to suspects in various ways to get them to falsely admit to committing a crime. You’re probablyRead More

10 Grisly Historical Murderers Caught Thanks To Forensics

Nowadays, you can scarcely read about a crime investigation without forensics playing an integral part. Yes, solid detective work will never be replaced, but the various forensic sciences have made it much easier not only to find the culprit but also to secure a conviction. In fact, some attorneys worryRead More

10 Gruesome Facts Of The Setagaya Family Mystery

Japan is one of the most peaceful countries in the entire world. Last year, the country hit a record low number of crimes, with just 915,111 in total.[1] Much of this decline was based on a shrinking number of thefts. It therefore seems that most of Japan’s crime is associatedRead More

10 Horrifying Facts About The Brabant Killers

Belgium is a tiny country nestled between the Netherlands, Germany, and France. As a result, Belgium is home to one large community of Dutch-speakers, known as the Flemish, an equally large community of French-speakers, called the Walloons, and a small community of German-speakers. Despite its size, Belgium was once aRead More

10 Ways Prison Is Better Than Your Life

In some ways, prisoners actually get a better deal than you do. It’s not just the fashionable orange jumpsuits or the active sex life that is always so thoroughly enjoyed by one of the two inmates involved. In a lot of very important ways, we actually take much better careRead More

10 Times Identical Twins Tried Getting Away With Crime

Identical twins have tried gaming the law ever since they learned they could. Visual differences are often difficult to pinpoint. DNA does not help, either, because identical twins are from the same fertilized egg. As a result, they have the same DNA. Many times, one twin will commit a crimeRead More

10 Monstrous Doctors Who Mutilated Their Patients

Most doctors are consummate professionals who’ve bettered the lives of many. Whether they’re saving the day in the ER or plying their skill to give grandpa many more years with his grandchildren, many doctors have made a positive difference. Some doctors, however, do not care for their patients at all.Read More

10 Crimes Committed Using A Drone

Drones have drastically changed the way we explore the skies and film breathtaking landscapes. As much as this revolutionary product changes our lives, however, it can pose a threat if it’s used for sinister purposes. It’s disturbing to discover all the things that criminals can do with technology as advancedRead More

10 Men Suspected Of Being Jack The Ripper (Who Probably Weren’t)

Since the first Whitechapel murder 130 years ago, the world has been captivated by the idea of unmasking the monster that is Jack the Ripper. His grisly crimes shocked and disgusted across the globe with their sheer savagery. Unfortunately, it seems that we are no nearer solving this case todayRead More

10 Strikes That Descended Into Complete Chaos

We have all seen violence unfold at protests and strike rallies on television, perhaps most recently during the labor law protests in France stretching back to summer 2016. For some, these occasions are a chance to “bash the unions” and the chaos and disorder they sometimes bring. For others, itRead More

10 Eerie Facts About The Monster Of Florence

Florence is a beautiful city in the northern half of Italy. It is known worldwide for its stunning architecture, well-stocked art galleries, and delicious food. However, from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, the city and its surrounding province were haunted by an unidentified serial killer known only as theRead More