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10 Examples Of Businesses Owning Entire Governments

In today’s society, it often seems as if you cannot turn on the news without hearing about the ways in which big businesses use their deep corporate pockets and political might to influence politicians and elections. While their presence has become more prevalent, especially in the US as a resultRead More

10 Extraordinary Languages That Do Not Involve Speaking

The idea of a language with no speech sounds like an oxymoron at first, yet throughout the history of the world, humans have found countless surprising and innovative ways to communicate—often in complex conversations—without the use of speech as we know it. The concept itself is not as alien asRead More

10 Surprising Side Effects To Legalizing Marijuana

We’re seeing an experiment in action. Over the past few years, more and more countries and states have been legalizing marijuana, and we’re finally getting to see what effect it really has. There have been all kinds of predictions. The naysayers have been sure that legalizing pot will all butRead More

10 Little-Known Facts About The Development Of The Bikini

Given that these swimsuits are a common sight on beaches around the world, it is easy to assume that the bikini was simply invented and then slipped seamlessly into mainstream usage. But that is certainly not the case. Not only can the origins of this thoroughly modern outfit be tracedRead More

10 Controversies Caused By Commas

The comma is a punctuation mark of mystery. Its precise origin is unknown, and debating its current meaning is practically a full-time job for self-appointed grammar police. However, English majors are far from the only ones affected by the comma. The US government pays millions of dollars in extra taxesRead More

Top 10 Explosive Historical Facts And Calamities About Dynamite

Since it was patented in 1867, dynamite has seen wide-scale use as a powerful explosive and a much safer alternative than what was previously employed. Even today, dynamite is used in demolition, construction, mining, and quarrying. Despite the groundbreaking achievements its volatile forces made possible, carnage and mayhem have castRead More

10 Little-Known Facts About Alcoholics Anonymous

Ever wonder what those folks smoking outside a church at 8:00 PM on a random Tuesday are doing? Chances are they’re about to step into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and . . . do what exactly? Despite its millions of members, AA remains a mystery to many and a caricature to manyRead More

10 Shocking Facts About The Rajneesh Movement

The Rajneesh movement made its way to Oregon in 1981 and was led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. The religious cult made national news after engaging in immigration fraud, busing homeless people to their commune, and perpetrating the largest bioterrorism attack in US history in an attempt to overthrow local governmentRead More

10 Gruesome Nerve Agent Incidents That Will Blow Your Mind

In the 1930s, researchers were developing new insecticides. To their alarm, they discovered that two of their most effective compounds caused serious side effects for humans. They had invented the first nerve agents. Known for their torturous effects, these deadly substances spark a mixture of fear, revulsion, and a littleRead More

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Guns

In today’s world, there is a lot of controversy surrounding firearms. Thousands of people lose their lives every year as a result of gunshots, so it is no wonder people are against guns. There are many advocates of guns for a variety of reasons, as well. This list is notRead More

Top 10 Craziest Copyright Claims Ever Made

Copyright law has gotten awfully complicated since the Internet came around. Companies are getting more paranoid than ever about holding onto their intellectual property. Some would argue that their paranoia is justified, given the endless amount of pirated content that can be found online. Nevertheless, the corporations sometimes go aRead More

10 Things You Didn’t Know Plants Could Do

Think plants are just boring green things that we use for food and decoration? Think again! Plants have lives that you’re probably totally unaware of. Humankind has grown up alongside plants, and we’re quite used to seeing them just sitting there, not doing much of anything. For that, we couldRead More