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10 Viruses That Actually Help Humankind

Virus. The word is usually met with fear and understandably so. These microscopic collections of biological chemicals have been responsible for countless cases of death and sickness. The very mention of a deadly viral pandemic can send entire neighborhoods, cities, or even geographic zones into a state of sheer, frenziedRead More

10 Fascinating Facts About The Bugs Living In Your Guts

The human body is made up of about 37 trillion cells. After all, that is what the textbooks say, right? Wrong! In fact, our bodies contain 30–50 trillion extra cells which belong to the bacteria living in your intestines. However, these bacteria are rather small, weighing a measly 1.4 kilogramsRead More

10 Things Few People Know About Typhoid Mary

Many people have heard the story of Typhoid Mary, the healthy woman who spread disease everywhere she went. However, almost no one knows the story of Mary Mallon, a feisty woman with a carving knife, who fought hard for freedom from imprisonment from the New York City Health Department. OfRead More

10 Times Caffeine Killed People

If you drink caffeinated beverages, you may have experienced your heart racing from drinking far too much. This is the first sign of a caffeine overdose. Maybe you have experienced a massive headache and irritability when you go without your morning cup of coffee. This is caffeine withdrawal. Few peopleRead More

Top 10 Rare And Terrifying Complications From Common Occurrences

Every choice we make comes with the rare possibility of suffering from an unlucky complication of that decision. Many lists have been written on individual anecdotes about freak accidents, but fewer have been written on the specific activities. This list compiles ten extremely rare complications or diseases that can comeRead More

10 Diseases That Prevent Other Diseases

Genetic disorders are passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, only one parent passes down the faulty gene, which creates carriers of a genetic disease. Some carriers of certain genetic disorders have been proven to be more resistant to certain viral or infectious diseases. Although many genetic disorders can beRead More

10 Medical Conditions For Which Cannabis Has Worked Wonders

Prescription drugs have had detrimental impacts on countless men, women, and children suffering from illness. Those who fall victim to the side effects of life-threatening medications may become zombielike and are even prone to drug abuse, addiction, and deadly overdoses. Some patients have gone beyond pharmaceuticals and have tried cannabisRead More

10 Unbelievable Things Doctors Could Do In The Stone Age

It’s easy to write off our prehistoric ancestors as idiots. When we think of the Stone Age, we usually think of a couple of big, dumb lugs in caves banging rocks together. But that’s not exactly accurate. Even before we moved into towns and created an alphabet, we could doRead More

Top 10 Plants That Led To Useful And Lifesaving Drugs

Med students have to learn about a vast amount of drugs in medical school and are expected to know about them. You might be surprised how many medicines were actually derived from nature. Many know that aspirin is derived from willow bark, but few realize just how many other medicationsRead More

10 Frightening Facts About Gonorrhea

Getting sick can be scary, especially when you’ve been infected with something that’s messing with your private parts—like gonorrhea, the second most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the US. Gonorrhea causes pain when urinating, discharge, sore throat, fever, and achiness. Some of its symptoms are ignored because they’re associatedRead More