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10 Offensive Things That Once Passed For Entertainment

What’s fun for one person can be fundamentally appalling to another. In fact, history is full of leisure activities where the offended parties certainly have a point. Standards change, although the following pastimes might make you wonder if the past even had standards. From slaughtering animals on a moving trainRead More

10 Unbelievable Times Royalty Went Undercover

They walk among us! No, not aliens. Royals have a long and illustrious history of shrugging off their robes and crowns and getting stuck in with the general public. Sometimes, they did so because they had no choice or because they wanted to suss out what the “real” people thoughtRead More

10 Facts About Ancient Rome That Are Rarely Covered In School

The ancient Romans are well-known for keeping an abundance of written records about their society. Sometimes, it almost seems as though we know more about them than we do about ourselves. Of course, World History and History of Western Civilization courses and textbooks always cover the history of the Romans.Read More

10 Young People Who Defied Hitler

The Third Reich, under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, ruled Germany for 12 years. Their reign of terror changed the world forever. Many Germans were deceived by Hitler. In the early years, they embraced him as the savior who would pull Germany out of a long economic depression and makeRead More

10 Strange Stories From Isaac Newton’s Descent Into Madness

At his peak, Isaac Newton had one of the most rational minds in human history. His was a brain unlike any other, one that allowed him to develop the fundamental laws of gravity and physics as well as make significant contributions to calculus, the latter of which he did inRead More

10 Nightmares Lurking Just Behind History

For the most part, history is a lie. Like Disney conveniently forgetting Sleeping Beauty’s rape, scholars have spent a great deal of time trimming the more “sensitive” facts from history, leaving us with a collection of bland, easily digestible anecdotes. Sure, these “scenes from the cutting room floor” may notRead More

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Incas

The Inca Empire lasted only around 100 years, until they were overrun by the invading Spanish in the 16th century. The last Inca emperor, Atahualpa, was executed on July 26, 1533. His remains were given a Christian burial by the Spanish, but it is believed that his followers dug themRead More

10 Moments In American History, As Seen From The Other Side

There are two sides to every story. The version of history we hear is the one told by the country that comes out on top, and these days, American media is so ubiquitous that the American side of the story is usually the only one we know. But for everyRead More

10 Of History’s Most Cartoonish Deaths

The universe has a morbid sense of humor. We’ve known this ever since apes were allowed to have consciousness. However, the universe sometimes feels the need to remind us of this fact. At times, it does this by giving absolute power to the least deserving or by sending off aRead More

10 Lesser-Known Facts About Revolutionary-Era America

The earliest period of US history has been so mythologized that it is sometimes hard to get a grip on what life was actually like during this time. As longtime Listverse readers know, whatever you learned in school about it probably won’t be much help. So, just in time forRead More

10 Life-Changing Inventions That Were Discovered By Accident

Have you ever wondered how somebody came up with an idea? For example, how did somebody ever think of making an X-ray machine or a microwave oven? By accident, that’s how! Many of mankind’s most useful devices and contraptions were invented completely by mistake. For centuries, scientists have been taskedRead More

10 Events That Made ‘The New York Times’ Stop The Presses

For most of us, the words “stop the presses” bring to mind a familiar scene. The papers are rolling through the printers when breaking news hits and someone shouts out the infamous phrase, halting all production. Hollywood, of course, is to blame for this. The real-world equivalent is less dramaticRead More