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10 Amazing Women You’ve Never Heard Of

While you’ve probably heard of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Susan B. Anthony, history is filled with amazing women whom most people have never heard of. Whether this is due to the misogynistic nature of past historians or simply because people failed to take note of their work while theyRead More

10 Fascinating Cases Of Historical Incest From Around The World

Incest, or sexual relationships between biologically close family members, is an idea that may make your skin crawl. But it has often been practiced around the world throughout history. Royals often married close family members to keep their bloodline pure and to protect the throne politically and economically. Cultural attitudesRead More

10 Unexpected Results Of The Genealogy DNA Craze

Genealogy is the term used to define the study of one’s ancestors. In particular, genealogists seek to identify who is related to whom in the various branches of a family tree. For generations, this has primarily been done through tracing vital records such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses,Read More

10 Incredible Things Accomplished By Women Disguised As Men

Women, throughout most of history, haven’t shared the same opportunities as men. They’ve been relegated to their homes, with the doors that lead to the great deeds that get one’s name written into history firmly closed. At best, their names are remembered only by virtue of being somehow connected toRead More

10 Things You Never Knew About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, “the Father of Evolution,” was born in Shewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809. His father, Robert Darwin, was a well-known high-society doctor with six children, of which Charles was the fifth. Both of his parents were from very prominent English families. His mother was related to the WedgwoodsRead More

10 Stories Of People Who Cheated Death Only To Die Shortly After

We’ve all seen the Final Destination movies or at least heard of the premise. People survive unbelievable situations which were to suppose to leave them dead. Then they end up dying shortly afterward from something that has no relation to the original situation. Well, death is something that comes withRead More

10 Superpowers Real People Have (And Why They’re Terrible)

Superpowered mutants aren’t just in comic books. There are real people who have been born with unusual gifts so incredible that they can only be described as superpowers. The difference, though, is that the real superpowered people don’t go around fighting crime. They just go around leading normal lives—and forRead More

10 Heartbreaking Backstories Of Famous Sideshow Freaks

If you were born a “freak” in the late 18th century to the mid-19th century, there were two most likely paths for you in life. Either you would be cast out of society, left to live a life of solitude, or you were lucky and interesting enough to join theRead More

10 Hurricane Survivors And Their Stories Of Survival

There are many devastating natural disasters that will we see throughout our lifetimes. One of the worst are hurricanes. Hurricanes have been responsible for millions of deaths throughout history, and each year, we get to witness at least a few of these terrifying storms. Even though there have been soRead More

10 Times Cops Were Truly Awesome

The United States recently observed National Police Week (May 13–May 19, 2018). The annual event represents an opportunity to commemorate police officers killed or injured in the line of duty. On May 13, thousands of spectators shuffled into Washington’s National Mall to hold a candlelight vigil. Tributes were paid toRead More

10 Extraordinary Things People Did While In A Coma

In the majority of cases, being in a coma means that your life is put on hold for at least a couple of days. In extreme cases, it can be years or even decades. There’s just not really a great deal that you can turn your hand to without theRead More

Top 10 MIA Fighter Pilots Whose Planes Were Found

Thousands of servicemen remain missing. Each war, both past and present, adds more names to the list. World War II and Vietnam saw many pilots vanish and with good reason. These were the times of dogfights and dangerous secret missions. The statistics are troubling, but the impact of MIAs isRead More