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10 Outright Lies People Have Spread About Mister Rogers

The Internet is full of crazy stories. It’s a place where you can read article after article explaining why Gandhi and Mother Teresa were monsters or about all the wonderful, underappreciated things that Hitler did. It’s a place where surprise is the greatest currency—and often more valuable than the truth.Read More

Top 10 Unfortunate Cases Of Mistaken Identity

In 2014, police officers in Tenerife, Spain, were alerted to the presence of a gorilla outside Loro Park zoo. The police sent a veterinarian over who thwarted the attempted zoo escape with a tranquilizer shot. The story spun in a different direction when the vet realized that the supposed gorillaRead More

10 Common Misconceptions About Famous World Leaders

Most of us like to think we’re pretty well-informed. We watch the news, we read in-depth reports, heck, we even understand weird acronyms like OECD, ICC, and IMF. But even the most observant among us can forget the stuff we’re reading comes through a filter. Our papers, magazines, and newsRead More

10 Common Misconceptions About The European Union

It’s one of the biggest groupings in the world. As a single bloc, the European Union has a population bigger than the United States,[1] a land area that dwarfs India, and an economy that could give even global powerhouse China a run for its yuan. Yet for all its clout,Read More

10 Insanely Common Misconceptions About Psychopaths

Psychopaths both intrigue and frighten us to the core. The media and movies often paint larger-than-life portraits by using far-reaching claims and describing these supposed mental illnesses with exaggerated traits. With estimates of the number of psychopaths ranging as high as 3–4 percent of the population, you probably know severalRead More

10 ‘Facts’ About The Human Body That Are Completely False

Eat your vegetables. Sleep eight hours a day. Exercise. There are so many truisms about staying healthy that we sometimes don’t use due diligence in determining if the advice given to us is even true. Then there are the old wives’ tales, passed down from one generation to the next,Read More

Top 10 Misconceptions About Saint Patrick’s Day

Our favorite spring holiday (which technically falls within the calendar confines of winter) is almost here. Whether you call it St. Patty’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day, the festivities on March 17 keep us raising our glasses (and steins and mugs) to the feisty Irish and theirRead More

10 French Things That Aren’t French At All

Bread, berets, breakfast foods—many things come to mind when someone mentions France. But as it turns out, most of the things that you think are French weren’t invented in France. In fact, most “French” things aren’t even close to being French originally. So take off that beret, put down theRead More