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10 Actual Practices Of The Shaolin That Will Blow Your Mind

The Shaolin are a historically secretive people. From their humble beginnings in the Henan providence of China, their culture has continued to push the limits of the human mind, body, and spirit. After a terrible fire in 1929, much of their scarcely recorded history was lost. But a monk namedRead More

10 Extreme Sports From History

Everyone craves excitement. Some people find their thrills in little things like having a second glass of wine. Other people get their dopamine buzzing with adventurous activities. As far back as we can look, humans have been pursuing adrenaline rushes. Here are ten extreme sports from history that show ourRead More

Top 10 Physiological Differences Of Top Athletes

We all have those days where we have spurts of inspiration and motivation to be fit and live healthier. For most, that feeling fades the second we lace up our shoes or try to eat nothing but a salad for dinner. Well, the good news is that some people actuallyRead More

10 Professional Wrestling Events That Went Horribly Awry

Professional wrestling might have predetermined results, but those results only matter if the wrestlers in the ring agree to actually follow the script. As you are about to learn, that isn’t always the case. Whether it ends up being a stiff shot to remind a rival wrestler about the behindRead More

10 Origins Of Sports Balls

The history of the balls used in various sports is rather gruesome. Players used pretty much whatever was available, including simple stitched-together cloth, inflated animal bladders, human heads, and animal and human skulls.[1] Materials and technology have come a long way since ancient times, and the sports balls in useRead More

10 Shocking Crimes From The World Of Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestling is known for being staged with colorful characters and predetermined outcomes. On-screen, the wrestlers are often portrayed as larger-than-life valiant heroes or despicable villains. However, the drama doesn’t always stop after they exit the ring. In fact, their real-life exploits can sometimes be even more fantastical than whatRead More

Top 10 Olympic Nightmares And Mishaps

The international sporting events of the Olympic Games are a testament to the unwavering dedication of leading athletes around the world. Participants spend their entire lives training and competing, honing their skills and rising to the tops of their games in order to be able to call themselves Olympians. AndRead More

10 Sports Superstars Who Ruined Their Careers

We all have our heroes in the sporting world, whether they’re football players from our favorite local teams or Olympic champions. We look up to them, and our children learn from them. We may even want to learn everything we can about our favorite sports idols, from their origins toRead More