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10 Widely Misinterpreted Artworks – Listverse

In the art world, nothing hurts a career or bruises the ego like a misinterpreted artwork. That is why it’s such a shame that, hundreds of years after their conception and creation, some of the world’s most renowned artistic pieces are still frequently misinterpreted or misunderstood. This list looks atRead More

10 Unexpected Discoveries That Were Incredibly Rare

Many spend a lifetime searching for that one antique treasure. For the lucky few, historic gems are handed down as family heirlooms or snapped up at a yard sale. Success depends a lot on the trained eye and knowing an item’s back story. Lacking both, rare artifacts can go unidentifiedRead More

10 Comedians Who Were Censored Over Jokes

Comedians find humor in the darkest subject matter and comment on society, exposing harsh truths. Most of us would be hard-pressed to say they should not have the right to say their piece. Others, however, say comedy should be curtailed. Read this list and make up your own mind. 10MonaRead More

Top 10 Fascinating Unfinished Paintings

What causes a painting to be left unfinished? Did the artist run out of inspiration? Did their commission money dry up? Did they get bored, frustrated, or disenchanted? Did the artist or their subject die before completion? Behind every picture lies a story, and that is especially true of incompleteRead More

Top 10 Times Musicians Lost Their Cool Onstage

On the surface, the lifestyle of a musician can appear exciting and glamorous. Behind the scenes, however, most artists spend years perfecting their craft. Touring is long, tiring, and repetitive. When a fan then decides to show his admiration by throwing a bottle or giving his version of the artist’sRead More

10 Statues That People Like To Touch In Inappropriate Places

We all know that statues can bring good luck. Just go to any city around the world that draws in tourism, and you will find statues that require you to touch, kiss, or interact with them in some way. Some have an old legend attached to them, and others doRead More

10 Creative Works That Have Strange Effects On Their Audiences

No matter if it’s music, movies, or literature, many people go to popular art for a brief escape from their own lives. There are various reports, however, of some art creating strange effects in its audience. Stories about art with this power have been around for many years. One legendRead More